Prenatal Medicine and Genetics

Prenatal Medicine and Genetics

An individual comes into being: genetic counselling and early diagnosis
Prof. Dr. med. Peter Kozlowski, founder and managing partner of the company Prenatal Medicine and Genetics in Dusseldorf and Cologne
All the best for mother and child

Prenatal-Medicine and Genetics is a multidisciplinary medical partnership company of gynaecologists and human geneticists. The vast experience of Prof. Dr. med. Peter Kozlowski offers female patients great medical certainty: with more than 60 prenatal diagnostic examinations and counselling a day, the clinic has accumulated considerable experience. Every year the company’s own laboratory performs some 3,500 chromosome analyses and, in the framework of trimester screening, processes more than 6,000 serum samples.

Medical Practice

Medical Partnership Company of Kozlowski and Partners

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Prof. Dr. med. Peter Kozlowski
Prof. Dr. med. Peter Kozlowski

Since its founding in 1991, the practice, with its own laboratory, has grown steadily. Meanwhile, more than 40 co-workers are collaborating hand in hand: physicians, biologists, technical staff, medical assistants and others. Their main areas of activity are concentrated on the fields of ultrasonics in the case of risk-pregnancies, first semester diagnosis, early organ diagnosis, invasive diagnosis as well as chorionic villus sampling, amniocentesis and fetal blood punction, genetic diagnosis, prenatal therapy in the case of child diseases, diagnostics relating to the risks of the mother and abortion diagnosis in the case of miscarriages. cooperates very closely with the Protestant Hospital, the Florence Nightingale Hospital and the Gynaecological Clinic of Dusseldorf University. In 1998, Prof. Dr. Peter Kozlowski was authorised as further training and education instructor for special obstetrics and perinatal medicine prior to becoming founding member and Chairman of the Fetal Medicine Foundation (FMF) Germany in 2001.