Orthopaedic surgeon

Orthopaedic surgeon

Centre for orthopaedic surgery, sports medicine, chiropractor and acupuncture
The experienced orthopaedist and decathlete Dr. med. Dirk A. Pajonk applies new approaches in his therapy.
Oriented to the latest state of the art scientific techniques

Complaints and pain can have a variety of causes and are felt and perceived differently by each person. Patients suffering from pain, therefore, need individual diagnosis and treatment. Thanks to many years of experience in the field of high performance sport, Dr. med. Dirk A. Pajonk is fully aware of the importance of a thorough physical examination. In his practice, various different therapeutic concepts, which are always oriented to the latest scientific techniques, are offered. The choice encompasses image intensifier assisted infiltrations and includes alternative methods of therapy. Of course, the emotional and social aspects influencing the patient’s condition are also taken into account.

Medical Practice

Private Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgery Practice

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Orthopaedic surgeon
Dr. med. Dirk A. Pajonk
Dr. med. Dirk A. Pajonk
Dr. med. Peter Buddenberg
Dr. med. Peter Buddenberg

Should additional, interdisciplinary examinations prove necessary, various medical specialists, physiotherapists and masseurs are available. One important element of the practice is prevention. Importance is placed on preserving and promoting the patient’s well-being, quality of life and performance capability. Dr. med. Dirk A. Pajonk is always at hand for advice regarding, for example, which measures influencing the patient’s way of life are sensible, but also which therapies and treatments should be taken into consideration in advance to avoid the risk of complaints arising in the future.

The main areas of activity of the practice are focused on orthopaedics, infiltration therapy on all joints and nerve roots, chirotherapy and acupuncture.