Internal medicine. Medical check-ups, Gastroenterology, Sports Medicine

Internal medicine. Medical check-ups, Gastroenterology, Sports Medicine

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Internal medicine. Medical Check-ups. Gastroenterology. Cardiology. Sports medicine. Personalized holistic nutritional/metabolic treatment.
“metabolic balance” as main point of focus

Over the years, a centre for medical check-ups has been developed in the Kaiserswerther Straße. With qualified medical personnel, all necessary, practical examinations are possible at DOCTOWN. The team of physicians is able to guarantee a rapid diagnosis and, where possible, provide the appropriate therapy. Intensive use of this service is already being made by national and international companies, managers, as well as professional athletes. Therefore, Dr. med. Werner Timm and Max Timm would also like to make the performance of medical check-ups available to further patients from abroad.

Medical Practice

DOCTOWN. Joint Practice for Internal Medicine.

Kaiserswerther Str. 253
Internal medicine
Dr. med. Werner Timm
Dr. med. Werner Timm
Max Timm
FA Max Timm

In addition, a main point of focus on individual, holistic metabolic adjustment by means of the programme “metabolic balance” has been developed. The main indications for this are overweight, craving for food, weak performance and drive, cardiovascular diseases, e.g. high blood pressure, migraine, allergies, food intolerance, asthma, rheumatism, osteoporosis, hormone disorders, menopausal complaints and sleep disorders. Through individual support and medical care, the two experienced physicians have achieved considerable successes, due to which they are providing care and support for an increasing number of patients from abroad.