High-level dentistry on 365 days of the year
In 8 practices at 4 locations. Thoughts and actions are concentrated on the patient.
Good teeth, good service

In 1993, the dentists network Pluszahnärzte® was founded. Today the corporate group includes eight practices at four locations in Dusseldorf. The overriding premise of the strongly service-oriented network of experts is to provide the patient with high-quality dentistry. Individual counselling and treatment of the patients are therefore always at the top of the priority list.

Medical Practice

The Pluszahnärzte®

Graf-Adolf-Straße 24
Dr. med. dent. Marc Hoffmann
Dr. med. dent. Marc Hoffmann
Dr. med. dent. Oliver Maierhofer
Dr. med. dent. Oliver Maierhofer
Dentist Ralf-Peter Einhoff
Ralf-Peter Einhoff
Dr. med. dent. Thomas Grau
Dr. med. dent. Thomas Grau

The network includes specialists for cosmetic dentistry, pediatric dentistry, oral surgery, endodontics and orthodontics. A further main focus is placed on prophylaxis, which guarantees sustained dental health.

Dr. Marc Hoffmann, Dr. Oliver Maierhofer (MSc), dentist Ralf-Peter Einhoff and Dr. Thomas Grau (MSc) are the senior dentists of the dental practice at Graf-Adolf-Straße 24.