Medical Experts Dusseldorf

For many years, the international demand for medical treatment has grown steadily in the German federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia. As the leading hotel in the luxury segment in Dusseldorf, we are now offering an additional service to ensure your stay in the federal state’s capital city is even more restful and relaxing. Following a ‘one-stop shop’ concept, we have set up a single central number to help you organise medical treatment during your stay in Dusseldorf as quickly and simply as possible – and naturally we are providing our service at no extra charge.

Now, in addition to services for reserving suites and limousines, booking a butler or a private chef, or organising 24-hour child care, we are offering to arrange appointments for you with physicians of the Medical Experts Dusseldorf. The Medical Experts Dusseldorf are a team of specialised physicians selected on the basis of their reputation among other medical practitioners. In other words, physicians recommend other physicians able to meet demanding quality, service and professional standards. All of these physicians know each other, and have worked together for years. A committee independent of the hotel admits physicians to the Medical Experts Dusseldorf, which comprises of specialists in medical treatments of any kind.*

Everyday, the InterContinental Dusseldorf fulfils the high expectations of its international guests. Together with my team, we welcome this challenge and not only aim to adopt these expectations in advance as the standards to achieve, but also to excel them. Outstanding experiences and authentic service set the goal for our hotel every single day – to provide a special venue where distinguished guests can enjoy a discrete, professional and truly personal service.

If you would like more information, we are available around the clock for your enquiries. We would be delighted to assist you with the coordination of your schedule to ensure your stay here is as efficient and pleasant as possible.

We look forward to hearing from you.

With very best wishes,
Britta Kutz
General Manager

* The InterContinental Dusseldorf only provides support for arranging appointments with physicians. The InterContinental Dusseldorf does not accept any liability for medical services or the outcome of such services. Any contract for the provision of medical services is concluded solely between the patients and the physicians in question. The physicians are thus solely liable for the medical services provided.

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Medical Experts Dusseldorf

Medical Experts Dusseldorf

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